Christmas desk decoration to lighten your work day

Have your corporate Christmas dinners been cancelled this year? Even more reason to add a festive note to your otherwise rather clean and orderly desk. If you haven’t done so before, this year forces us to become creative, break with established routines and try something new. Especially for those in home office it should be quite easy to experiment with the space around the desktop.

As I have just started my career years ago, I loved to decorate my desk depending on the season or just have flowers and box of chocolate next to my computer. Then I took over a new role moving between different office locations quite frequently, carrying all necessities in a laptop case. So all decorations have become obsolete and forgotten for a long time. 

But now, finding myself at the home office desk everyday, I’m rediscovering the beauty of an enjoyable, personally arranged desk space all over again.

For the upcoming festive season I wanted to create a perfect Christmas feeling without overdoing it. So I opted for a little vase with coniferous wood, which is easy to put together, but looks very traditional and even leaves this special sharp and sweet Christmas tree scent. 

christmas desk decoration diy avilavi blog

If you are lucky to meet your colleagues in the next days, this also would make a very nice small present. 

christmas desk decoration present avilavi blog

Other Christmas office deco ideas include various Advent calendars, Christmas flower or gingerbread cookie boxes. Already a small deco makes a difference and puts you in high spirits!

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