Christmas gift ideas for family, friends and neighbours

Even if you usually don’t support the gift giving tradition, this year is different. Our social contacts have been restricted and joyful gathering postponed for better times. All in all, 2020 didn’t give us enough opportunities to show love and appreciation. That’s where Christmas can help! Send your warm greetings and make a statement of affection to those who might feel lonely and need a cheer up!

Few days ago we walked through festively sparkling city centre of Zurich on a mission to do some Christmas shopping, admire window decorations and even have a hot punch to warm up in the evening. I’ve found lot’s of inspiration in the department stores Globus and Jelmoli and online at Selfridges and Harrods. But of course you can look for similar items in your local shops.

Presents for family

The great part of the family gift giving is that you can actually ignore usual rules (for example not giving a perfume) as those are people you know best. Gifts therefore can be very personal and creative, no need to go with safe options.

Chopard Table Clock via
Charlotte Jane Print Cushion via
Lalique crystal vase via

With a Table Clock you won’t need to fetch your mobile phone every time, which will improve the screen time of whole family. Make sure to choose a stylish piece with a clear dial.

Who can get enough of Couch Cushions? As a cozy addition or an interior refreshment, it helps to put new accents.

Such Designer Vase doesn’t need flowers to delight, but inspires to decorate a coffee table or sideboard for special occasions.

Presents for friends

We share hobbies, adventures and know a good deal about their life! Moving to a new house or expecting a child opens additional field for nice presents. 

Umbra Chess Set via
Steamery Stockholm Travel Steamer via
The urban botanist ecosystem via

Since “Queen’s Gambit” turned out to be one of the most successful TV series this year, playing chess becomes a huge trend. Get a stylish Chess Set, which even Beth Harmon would approve!

Business and private travel will return for sure! A handy Steamer goes into every luggage and will help your friends to look en vogue!

And for those staying longer in the home office, a little Plant Ecosystem on the desk will be a delight!

Presents for neighbours

How about a little surprise for those, who accept your mail delivery when you’re absent, share their apple harvest or invite you to the home parties?

Christmas Tree Deco via
FEM Candles via
Fortnum & Mason cookies via

For a little but special present choose a single Christmas Tree Deco. It is in line with the festive occasion and can be immediately used.

Another idea is to find a lovely decorated Candle, to warm up cold winter evenings.

And of course, traditional Cookies are the sweetest thing to find in a mailbox! Exceptional boxing doubles the joy.

Have a merry Christmas!

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