The best of January

The first month of the year is often the most messy one. While some quickly return to the office routine after exciting holiday season, others deal with the January blues. Many days feel grey and depressing, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be. 

Imagine a great and meaningful beginning of the year instead, already filled with some highlights!

Here are the ways I’m making the best out of January in my free time.

1. At the top of my list is simply getting outside. I try to catch as much sunshine as possible. Immercing in the snowy landscape does wonders to lift my spirits. A short walk or a longer winter hike both do the job splendidly.

2. Making plans for the future. With a whole year spread in front of you it is so motivating to dream about new beginnings, cheerful gatherings or personal development. I have a digital calender on Trello to map my plans ans ideas for every month. Those include tree planting project in the garden, few weekend getaways, professional activities. It might not always come as we wish, but certainly gives a direction. 

3. I really like to start the year in an organized household. Checking all the nooks and decide what should be fixed, removed or re-decorated. Putting some thought into cooking, laundry or storage routine and optimize it. The results are so rewarding! And usual January sales are quite helpful here.

4. What could be a better way to spend a cold and grey evening as curling up with a good book? Put a cup of black tea and a piece of chocolate cake next to the couch. Create a magical atmosphere by lighting scented candles and enjoy the coziest of all times.

5. Try new recipes. After some time I tend to repeat my favorite recepies all over again, naturally limiting the variaty of tastes in the kitchen. This month we’ve got a new cooking book and discovered a very popular food blog Stocked up with unusual amount of coconut milk, sweet potatos, poke sauce and cilantro we have added few delicious dishes to our dinner menu.

6. Attend a special event. The list wouldn’t be complete without a happening to remember. Whether a theater visit, costume party or an exhibition, it will uplift your January. In the pandemic times go on a sleigh date or find a special place to watch shooting stars.

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